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Hello, loyal HoneyBlaze customer. I know whenever I do something that I've never attempted before, I go to YouTube and educate myself via "How To" videos. Food is no different. Below you will find videos that will help you with the cooking process. These are my top choices. I hope you enjoy!

HoneyBlaze Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe
My all time favorite appetizer to bring with me to a Sunday football party. You can also use chicken breast in a can instead of the rotisserie chicken. Use extra HoneyBlaze than what it calls for. Trust me its worth it. Watch Video  
Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe
Grilled Chicken Wings
Micah shows you a great technique on the grill in this video. He is a traditional charcoal guy, but the concept is the same with gas. Tip: High heat! with the wings indirect.

Deep Fried Chicken Wings
Thomas does a great job in this video showing you how to deep fry in the kitchen without all the fancy equipment. Make sure to get the oil to about 400 degrees. The results look absolutely delicious!
Slow Cooked Pulled Buffalo Chicken
I included this video to show you how to cook pulled Buffalo chicken in a slow cooker, but these sliders are also amazing! Tip: Replace the sauce they make with HoneyBlaze and add a Hidden Valley Ranch dry powder packet.