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About Us

HoneyBlaze was founded in the kitchen of a college student who had a passion for chicken wings and football. Served as the house sauce at the local bar, HoneyBlaze gained popularity. As patrons demanded to know where they could purchase the popular sauce the founder decided to turn his passion into a business.

In 2008 the first 50 gallon batch of HoneyBlaze was produced for food service. Since the first production HoneyBlaze has caught momentum in Florida and New England. The sauce has won four national awards including two Golden Chilies at Zest Fest in Texas and the Hot Pepper Award.

In 2010 the founder took a pause from the food industry and joined the United States Army, where he further developed logistical and supply chain management skills while serving in a leadership role. After several years in the Army and corporate world, he is back in the kitchen creating flavors and perfecting sauces for both food service and retail.

HoneyBlaze strives to produce our original recipe using the highest quality ingredients and processes in the industry in our Tampa, FL facility to continue to provide our customers with the same sauce we produced in three gallon batches in our kitchen years ago.

With two different flavors, Original and Hot, HoneyBlaze has just enough sweet and just enough kick for everyone.